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Parenting Pearls of wisdom – I

Ram and Shyam walked in their home, arguing all the way. They both were accusing each other of something and were cursing. Their mom, hearing this, called them both to the veranda. Mom : Why are you fighting? Shyam : He lied to me. He said he didn’t take the chocolate from that village guy,… Continue reading Parenting Pearls of wisdom – I

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The soul satisfying Friday night!

It was a Friday night and it had been a long week. So we friends were at my place, smoking up and chit chatting. Around 2 am we ran out of fags. There was a place on highway which was open throughout the night for a higher price on each fag, me and my friend… Continue reading The soul satisfying Friday night!

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Is India changing?

Yes, indeed. I was dropping my mom to the Pune Lohegaon airport one night with my friend, Zia. On the way back, we stopped at a paan-shop opposite Symbiosis College, Lohegaon and Zia being a Banarasi, couldn't resist a pan. The guy making the pan was around 21 years of age. I was speaking in… Continue reading Is India changing?