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Parenting Pearls of wisdom – I

Ram and Shyam walked in their home, arguing all the way. They both were accusing each other of something and were cursing. Their mom, hearing this, called them both to the veranda. Mom : Why are you fighting? Shyam : He lied to me. He said he didn’t take the chocolate from that village guy,… Continue reading Parenting Pearls of wisdom – I


Mother’s wedding gift.

On her wedding day, her simple widowed librarian mother gifted her a sweet box. She had waited the entire night for handing this over to us together, herself. She had tears of joy in her eyes when she handed us the box. It was a grey colored box, completely closed with a slit on the… Continue reading Mother’s wedding gift.

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The best “When I was your age…”

The iPhone story I was having this heated argument with my then girlfriend and I remember her making absolutely no sense in her arguments. I was so fried up in anger, I disconnected the call and took a full swing to smash the iPhone on the wall. I got the panic attack before throwing realizing… Continue reading The best “When I was your age…”