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What doesn’t goes right, goes left.

This was one date which shouldn't have been. Sitting the cafe, waiting for her, I was feeling lost. "Sheetal Yadav". Mom had searched one from the clan it seems. Forced meetings in the open public places, sponsored by parents is the latest fad in arrange marriage mentality folks. They been they are being urban and… Continue reading What doesn’t goes right, goes left.


Mother’s wedding gift.

On her wedding day, her simple widowed librarian mother gifted her a sweet box. She had waited the entire night for handing this over to us together, herself. She had tears of joy in her eyes when she handed us the box. It was a grey colored box, completely closed with a slit on the… Continue reading Mother’s wedding gift.

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A great Indian love story

Imagine India. Imagine 1970s. The eastman color era. Love was a taboo then, pre-marital sex an offense to say the least. There was this girl studying in a very prestigious university, doing her master's. Being the second of 3 daughter's to an army officer, she was high and stable headed; primary focus: studies. The marriage… Continue reading A great Indian love story