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Stating VS Discussing

Three friends, on a road trip in a car, were trying to figure the best way to reach their destination. First friend: "My friend was on this trip last year, I am telling you route 2 is best and quickest!" Second friend: "Boy! That was last year! They have opened that new flyover for public… Continue reading Stating VS Discussing

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Sex education from dad

His tiny hands were covered in mud when he heard the word for the first time. "Sex" Some passer-by casually threw it in the air, this kid caught it. ┬áHe memorized it completely, to ask his father when he goes home. Later that day, when he innocently pulled the newspaper away from dad's clutch, and… Continue reading Sex education from dad

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Values against Greed.

I remember when I was a teen, I did something against my values. I always believed in friendship and loyalty. However, when a friend of mine had a break up with his girlfriend I knew well, things changed. They had a very harsh breakup, accusing each other of everything that happened between them. After the… Continue reading Values against Greed.