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Stating VS Discussing

Three friends, on a road trip in a car, were trying to figure the best way to reach their destination. First friend: "My friend was on this trip last year, I am telling you route 2 is best and quickest!" Second friend: "Boy! That was last year! They have opened that new flyover for public… Continue reading Stating VS Discussing


The teacher I still remember.

My childhood teachers were mostly either ignorant of their students, or too violent with them. To add to it, was the constant pressure of parents to please the teachers and claim good grades. Hence, after being trashed by several teachers, many times without doing anything wrong specifically, my child brain had concluded that there must… Continue reading The teacher I still remember.

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I won’t be an engineer now.

A lad just cleared 10th board exams in India.  Probably around 16 years old, he didn't have any concrete visions or ambitions till then. In he walks the living room, ready to have his breakfast, when his dad ask him this question: "Son, now you will enter 11th class.  It's time to decide your career. … Continue reading I won’t be an engineer now.

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Is India changing?

Yes, indeed. I was dropping my mom to the Pune Lohegaon airport one night with my friend, Zia. On the way back, we stopped at a paan-shop opposite Symbiosis College, Lohegaon and Zia being a Banarasi, couldn't resist a pan. The guy making the pan was around 21 years of age. I was speaking in… Continue reading Is India changing?