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Sex education from dad

His tiny hands were covered in mud when he heard the word for the first time.


Some passer-by casually threw it in the air, this kid caught it.  He memorized it completely, to ask his father when he goes home.

Later that day, when he innocently pulled the newspaper away from dad’s clutch, and said the word out loud, there was a strong reaction in the house.  While his grandmother, praying nearby, nearly had a stroke, his mother started running towards him dropping vessels in the way.  His father, surprisingly, was calm.

Father took the kid to another room and said,  “Show me your pee-pee (penis).”

The kid obediently and innocently, took the pants off.  His dad laughed, messed his hair and said, “Come back later for answers.”

The kid went on that day.

He next heard the word after a couple of years, and went straight to dad.  Dad took him to the room again, asked him to show his pee-pee, he did but a little less willingly this time.  His dad sensed that, but sent him away after telling him the same line from last time that how he wasn’t ready then.

A few years went by, the kid was a teen now.  He had heard mentions of the word and all small misleading information regarding it from peers.  However, he wanted his father’s final word on this topic.  But was too reluctant to go to him, fearing he would be asked to undress again.

Nevertheless, he went to his father again.  This time when his father, after taking him to the room, asked him to take his pants off, the boy said he didn’t feel comfortable.  His father laughed out loud, and told him this was a sign he was ready to become a man.

That day, his father told him everything there was to know about sex, girls, and all things associated with it.  When they came out of the room, the teen had full idea of things and was not going to be mislead by anything the world had to offer.

After all, he was taught by his own father!


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