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Parenting Pearls of wisdom – I

Ram and Shyam walked in their home, arguing all the way. They both were accusing each other of something and were cursing. Their mom, hearing this, called them both to the veranda.

Mom : Why are you fighting?

Shyam : He lied to me. He said he didn’t take the chocolate from that village guy, but he did.

Mom : Shyam, Ram is your elder brother. Always believe whatever he tells you.

Shyam nodded in agreement.

She turned to Ram.

Mom : Ram, did you actually take the chocolate?

Ram : Yes mom, I am sorry.

Mom : Ram, lie to anyone but your younger brother. Always tell your brother the truth only.

Ram nodded in agreement.

Sitting at some distance, I witnessed what seemed a beautiful moment of love, care and good parenting. Their mom, through this sheer act of wisdom, brought them together at the level of truth form one another.

15 years later, both of them are grown ups now and so am I. Ram even has kids. However, I still see them together, in all life endeavors. Their mother is long gone, but the seed of trust and the bond she created between them, is still strong and comforting to witness.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



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