childhood, stories

Values against Greed.

I remember when I was a teen, I did something against my values. I always believed in friendship and loyalty. However, when a friend of mine had a break up with his girlfriend I knew well, things changed. They had a very harsh breakup, accusing each other of everything that happened between them.

After the breakup, the girl was the first one to talk to me, as she was in my class. She told me her version of the story and I believed it, not because she seemed convincing but because I was seeing an opportunity. An opportunity for a fat boy like me to get in the game and actually date a girl again! I so wanted that. So, I believed her.

I remember my friend didn’t speak to me after that. He came to know how I was going out with his ex girlfriend a few days back, from someone else. He never approached me, never spoke a word.

Till this day I regret going against my values.

So yes, people do give up on their values for the nearer riches, but what they don’t realize is the burden of carrying these memories on the after-roads.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



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