Power of Madness

As a child, I used to get beaten up a lot.  I had the physical strength, but lacked the guts to attack or even defend an attack.  I used to return home beaten on numerous occasions and my sister, 2 years elder to me, used to settle my scores.

Once, on some similar situation, she told me the power of madness.  I would like to share it here.  She said, whenever you find yourself alone between many attackers,:

  • choose one of them which seems most violent (there always is that one).
  • attack him with all force you have.  Neglect all others.
  • After trashing him, scream and shout on top of your voice, moving your hands around frantically like you have lost your mind.

This, she promised, will take me out of most difficult situations.

Needless to say, I got the opportunity to apply it soon after that.  It was a football match and while my side picked up a 5-0 triumph, I picked up fight with the most popular player of the opposite side.  Post the match, while my team was away for snacks and I was tying my studds, the whole team of opposition surrounded me.  The guy I had a verbal conflict with, slapped me hard and started calling me names.  All I couldn’t think of then was of my sister’s advice.

I darted at the guy.  I got hold of his collar first.  Pulling him down, I started punching whatever body part I saw.  Soon, I was shouting and going all guns on him.

Seeing this, his other team members, who were dumb founded by my sudden attack for a few seconds, gained senses and charged towards me.  I immediately remember the second part of the advice.  I began waving my hands around frantically, as if I were a zombie.  I was shouting some crap on top of my lungs.  Even my breath sounded hoarse and loud.

Within seconds, I saw all of them flee the scene.  Even the guy I was beating fled the scene.  I got up, smiled, and went home to tell my sister.  🙂


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