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Stealing as a kid

I used to steal as a kid.  Nothing major, just food.  and that too inside my own house.
Don’t get it? lemme explain.
I was barred to eat certain things as a kid.  Mostly becaus eI had some serious medical issues.
But as a kid I had no idea of the gravity of the issues and I had big cravings.
So I used to steal for all sorts of stuff, like sugar, jaggery, jam, sauce, fruit syrups, etc.

Once I was stealing jam from the fridge when mom caught me, made me sleep outside in the veranda for anhour in the night
Next day, I was stealing syrup and she caught me again.  This time I had to sleep for 3 hours in the out.
Every night she would come back, take the sleepy me from the veranda bed and make me sleep next to her.
How I wish I could tell her how I loved sleeping outside.
Third day again, she caught me stealing.  This time, pure sugar.
She made me sleep outside for almost entire night.  got me in at 4am when she got up.
That day, I felt bitterly cold, as I was outside after midnight in north indian weather.

So after that day, I didn’t have to sleep outside.  Not that I stopped stealing, just that I stopped getting caught!


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