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The soul satisfying Friday night!

It was a Friday night and it had been a long week. So we friends were at my place, smoking up and chit chatting. Around 2 am we ran out of fags. There was a place on highway which was open throughout the night for a higher price on each fag, me and my friend started on my bike.

In the way, on the side of the highway, was a man lying nude with just a square cloth sheet, shivering and crying. Now I was too surprised by this and being a risk taker I am, I stopped the bike and went up to him.

He hadn’t eaten since 2 weeks and policewalas had beaten him that night hence the bruises. I somehow felt really bad for him.

Immediately, we called up and made and order of a family pack chicken briyani. We went and brought the first aid kit from my flat and washed and covered his bruises. We were just sitting and talking to him when the delivery guy arrived.

Once we offered him food, he had no sense of the world. He didn’t care where he was, what we were saying (we were trying to give him spoon to eat). He just finished the entire family pack briyani in less than 20 mins.
After washing up, he smiled and wished us luck for life.

I still cross him on the way to office and wave at him, sometimes I cook breakfast for 2 people and pack one for him…it feels awesome. 🙂


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