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Stupid stuff we do in childhood

I shaved my entire face at 5.

It’s time to roll out laughing!

So, I was a 5 year old kid whose hero was his dad.  I was always in awe of him: the personality he had, the lethal looks, the height, those abs…  he was my dream image.  Needless to say, I used to repeat whatever I saw him doing.

It was all going good, till the day I saw him shaving.

I was intrigued..  he applied some foam and then a razor at an angle and he looked as clean as anything!!  I just wanted to try it.  When I asked him, he who usually was amused by my questions & imitations, suddenly grew worried and forbade me from using it.

I went away.  That day, he kept his shaving kit on the topmost shelf.  Then he left for picking mom up from work.

As soon as the doors locked, I darted to the shelf.  I did the entire process:  apply foam, razor it.  But I applied foam everywhere on the face except for my eyes.

I shaved my entire face, including my eye brows.

Gleaming with pride, I ran towards the gate when I saw my parents returning.  At first, they didn’t understand the situation and when they did, the reactions were so hilarious:  mom laughing hard and dad almost got a heart attack.

Bonus read:  My eye brows didn’t comeback immediately after that.  In fact, I took medication for growing them for 3 years.  Then, they came out so strong that now they meet in the middle.

Also, because of applying razor and all that hair growing medication resulted in me getting hair everywhere on my face.  Even now, I have abnormally long hair on my nose, my upper cheeks (till eyes).  It’s a pain getting them removed regularly.


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