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MenWillBeMen – II

She:  ……I am just asking, did you see any difference in your sex drive or your size over this period of regular exercising and gymming?

He:  Well, yeah.  I owe a large part of my performance to gym now.  Don’t you see it honey, you never used to cum so much before.  Today you had 3 orgasms.

She:  Yes, it was fascinating!  It seems so freakin’ huge now!  Look at it *grabbing it*  My Gosh, and I took it all in!

He: It’s all for the proteins and gymming.  I believe my cock size TOUCHWOOD, it’s girth TOUCWOOD, my sexual drive TOUCHWOOD, the stamina TOUCHWOOD and the power TOUCHWOOD, all have increased a lot.

He literally touched the bedpost wooden part every time he said touchwood.  He closed his eyes too, remembering God with so much innosense.



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