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Living to inspire

There was this very poor guy of 16 years whose dad passed away when he was 5..
He had a family of 5 sisters, one non working mother and one elder non working brother. He joined Indian Navy to help his family financially, right after completing his schooling.

But it wasn’t turning out to be enough. Therefore, he chose diving inside Navy for which they are paid extra with ration supply and everything.
Now to clear the physical exam to be a diver, there was a batch of 16 cadets out of which only 3 had to be selected. He was defeated in the swimming category itself by this other guy who was a baniya. He was to go back home the next day, expelled.

That evening in the mess, the baniya walked upto him and said, “Tu aheer hai? Aur jaat bhi? Lagta nhi hai beta! haar gaya na baaniye se!!” (You don’t seem of the warrior caste, I defeated u so easily!) He didn’t comment then, just packed his bags and left the other day.

The next selection was after 6 months. In this time, all he did was train himself to become a stone physically. Running for over 20 kms every morning and evening, diving off random and unsafe cliffs, once was even arrested for jumping in high tide in the Arabian Sea for practicing!

6 months later, he gave the physical exam and cleared it. Then came the competition in which he not only stood first, but also set a record for Indian Navy in deep sea diving! He stood first and cleared the exam.

2 months after that, he was the chief instructor of that same baniya guy who had insulted him and now he was his senior in the Navy!

Today he holds international deep sea water clearance of 400 mts and topped the Deep sea diver medic exam of UK beating contestants from 162 countries and made India proud.

He is my dad. :’)


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