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Limiting your capabilities

Do you know how they keep a big mighty elephant in a zoo, behind bars, when it can easily destroy the premises with it’s brute strength?
They bring them in when they are infants.  They are then put in cage, tied with a normal rope to a tree.  The infant tries to break free numerous times, but fails for his small body and tender bones.

After trying for a considerable amount of time, the baby elephant finally surrenders in its head.  It accepts the cage as its destiny.

Years go by.  The baby elephant grows into a healthy big strong mammal, the largest on land!  The most powerful!
But alas, it just doesn’t try.  And how would it?  For years back it decided its own limits!

A famous speaker once said how the best and unique ideas can be found in the graveyard.  Ambitions which didn’t meet direction.  Ideas that didn’t get attention.  Stories which were left incomplete.  They are all there.

Hence I feel the biggest risk in life is deciding a limit for your dreams.  Defining boundaries for your ideas.  That’s a risk which you can’t afford.  Rest can be worked on.


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