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Girl psychology rule 404:  A girl can/will tell everything to her BFF, at least once.

We were dating for about 4 months.  One day, while getting intimate, I tried unhooking her bra but the clasp was not on the back.

Now for people who can relate, this is a tricky situation for men.  When you are making out and you need to get rid of her clothes immediately, you need to be spot on or the moment passes.  And if it’s followed by her laughing, the mood dies along with it.

So I was frantically kissing and searching her back for the bra clasp when she tapped my shoulder and we broke our kiss (sadly!).  She then told me, how the clasp was sometimes in the front too.  She laughed, I smiled.  I deleted the memory taking a mental note for future reference.

But do things end for girls with the situation?  NO!!

Cut forward to scene two, her friend’s b’day party: a house party with all her friends (around 20 of them with their boyfriends/dates).  I was to get up, open the door to take the pizza but I couldn’t figure out how that door unlatched.

I was still searching the latch when the b’day girl said,  “Nishant, sometimes the latch is in the front too!”

The flashback was immediate, in my head.  When I turned, all 20 of her friendswere laughing with a look which meant they knew it all.

I confirmed from my gf later, they did know it all, all 20 of them.  Unlucky me!

So yes, girls talk!


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