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Dreams and meanings

There once lived a very wealthy man.  He had a beautiful wife, two healthy kids, bungalows, cars, servants, lands…..  everything any person could wish for.

Yet, he had a big problem in his life.

Every night he used to see this one dream; in which he saw himself loosing his properties and house, coming on the street without a shelter.  He saw this exact dream for days on.

He consulted many a doctors and priests but to no avail.

It had been over a month since he had been getting this dream when one day her cook came to his study and asked for a 20000 INR as advance.  On being asked why she needed that big an amount, she told him how she needed to pay the amount to save her house from being taken off by the landlord, as she was unable to give installments since a few months.  She was constantly living and cooking his meals under the fear of loosing her home.

He then realized the reason behind his weird dream.  He immediately gave her the amount and asked her to free her house.  He slept a peaceful dreamless sleep that night.


  • The attitude and intention with which the food is cooked, gets transferred to the person who eats it.
  • Don’t eat outside, prepare your own food.
  • When preparing food for someone else, make sure you do it with the best of intentions.  Don’t prepare food halfheartedly; it will do more harm than benefit.
  • Repetitive dreams always have meanings.

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