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A great Indian love story

Imagine India. Imagine 1970s. The eastman color era. Love was a taboo then, pre-marital sex an offense to say the least.

There was this girl studying in a very prestigious university, doing her master’s. Being the second of 3 daughter’s to an army officer, she was high and stable headed; primary focus: studies.

The marriage was arranged with this gentleman in navy, a deep sea diver, six packs and great athlete. Perfect dream boy.

The guy visits her in her university with help of his best friend and her elder sister. They meet, fell in love (it was that quick back then!) and sealed for marriage.
The guy’s mother is a typical vamp in this story. She gets a bad intuition of this relationship feeling this will decrease her say in family affairs (the guy had no father) and thus plays a chance. She sends her elder son to her university, made him tell the girl how the guy (the in question to-be-groom) would like her to stay at home and not be the lecturer she was studying to become. Or else, there are many brides waiting for his approval. Girl takes it as insult of her self-respects and breaks the relationship. P.s.: there were no phones then, no medium to verify the information.

The elder brother feels guilty and tells the entire story to the brother. But the ship had sailed off, she had broken all ties!

The guy now visits her university with his best friend and brother, stands in front of her hostel and sings the song he wrote for her in his bad, very hoarse voice. But the song is so beautiful, the girl descends and give him a chance to explain himself.

He then tells the whole story, verifies it from his brother and then proposes her in her university.

This is how my father met my mother. :’)


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