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A date with a prostitute

It was late night and the whiskey had started showing its color.  Me and my friend were totally high.  I, was both high and sad pertaining to the heartbeat I had suffered from the last week’s break up.

It was around midnight when my friend decided to go to this place to hook up with prostitute.  I had nothing better to do so thought I would accompany him.

When we reached there, as it was my first time in such a place, I was really surprised to see all that.

Suddenly peer pressure started governing my drunk conscience and I gave in, selecting this girl standing on the roadside to be my choice for the night.  My friend negotiated the amount to be paid and wished me luck.  I went inside the room with the girl.

While in, she tried every possible thing to get me a hardon.  She stripped, hugged, kissed me but I didn’t feel any emotion, any excitement.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex but I didn’t feel anything at that point.

After trying for about 10 minutes, she gave up.  She asked me to pay get and leave.  I denied payment as no service was delivered to which she panicked.  She told me how her pimp would scold her and take money from her for not taking money from client.

I sat there for another half hour.  I consoled and gave her the amount.  Then I asked, since I already paid for her time, if we could just talk for a bit and not leave instantly.  I dunno why I wanted to stay back but I was sure I wanted to.  I had to pay her a little extra and she agreed for spending 30 more minutes.

In this time, we smoked, had a good chat, discussed a bit of life and its contrasts to both of us.  When I left the place, we hugged and somehow, I felt good then.  We even exchanged numbers to keep in touch.

We used to chat on and off through whatsapp and a few short calls.  In about a months time, we planned to meet up.

It was a Saturday.  We could just meet for 4 hours as she want asked to stay off work for long.  I took her out to a cafe and we chat and had a good time.

That day, we were bit uncomfortable with each other.  I was starting to feel some passion there.  While leaving the place, she made a few calls and said she could be with me for a few more hours.  We went to my place and had passionate sex for hours.  We were all over each other, like bunnies!!

What had changed?
Since she was then a stranger, there wasn’t any passion nor any connection and thus no hardon.  There are people who are driven by feelings and passion.  Without that, they don’t function.

I believe the same was with you too.  I wouldn’t advice you to follow suit, but I would like you to understand what was missing from that moment.


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