The dead has no religion

“Get up!  We are going out!”  said Ram, the orthopedic doctor.  He looked weirdly happy, which was confusing to see for his little brother.  Just an hour back had Ram told how he needed a human skull bone for his upcoming orthopedic lecture at this doctors’ convention, and how he was unable to arrange one.

“Where are we going?”  asked Shyam, his brother, while putting on his t-shirt.  “Just come, you’ll see” said Ram.

Should I take a minute to describe what area they lived in.  They one of the most communal riots active area of India.  There are frequent Hindu- Muslim riots that city has witnessed and it takes just minutes for the situations to get worsen here.

Coming back to my uncle, out they started with a trowel to the nearest graveyard.  He asked his little brother to keep a watch while he dug away one of the graves.  Soon, he took out the skull, dusted it and returned home with his brother.  He then boiled the skull in water, preparing it for his presentation.

When his father came to know of this entire episode, he said, “What did you not realize about the gravity of the situation?  You could have been dead by now if someone watched!”

All he had to say was, “The dead has no religion, and I needed the skull.  Only if this guy (the one he had the skull of) ate less paan, his teeth wouldn’t have been so red!”


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